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Welcome to Squeezetrader. My name is Mark Roberts (owner) and I provide educational material with a specific focus on identifying the price, volatility and indicator squeeze across all markets.

Squeezetrader offers educational trading strategies that put the odds in your favour by screening volatility, momentum and the price squeeze of currencies, commodities, stocks and futures.

Having been in education for over 20 years, I will show you how to plan, structure and execute ideas based on my own trading rules. I will critically review your trades, especially those that fail, to help build a systematic approach to trading.

Knowing what to avoid is key to becoming successful. Mastering the don’t’s of trading is key. What’s left is profit!



Highly Experienced Mentor

Highly Experienced Mentor

Educational trading strategies

Educational trading strategies

Range of packages

Range of packages

Our Packages

Learn as you pay.  Navigate the charts the Squeezetrader way by learning to identify squeezes of price, indicators and volatility bands across all markets and timeframes that have been back-tested for 5 years to put the odds in your favour.

No Direct Debit required. Payment received is for the duration set out under each package. I will send you reminders nearer the time if you wish to renew – remember YOU ARE NOT TIED IN WITH CONTRACTS. You may wish to have access to package 1 for one month and then not again until a few months later, or you may wish to keep rolling on receiving high value material – your choice.

You will receive all material in your inbox!

£25.00 for 1 month (less than £6.00 per week)

£25.00 for 1 month (less than £6.00 per week)

You will receive a weekly newsletter for Forex and Commodities

2 Squeeze strategies to practice and master (non-public video)

2 trade ideas a week

Weekly reviews of your trades

Help with devising a trading plan

Email Q & A
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£60.00 for 3 months

£60.00 for 3 months

All of package 1 plus:

Up to 6 trade ideas a week

Weekly newsletter will include my core watchlist

Weekly Commitment of Traders report overview

2 extra squeeze strategies to practice and master (non-public video)
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£100.00 for 6 months (Best Value)

£100.00 for 6 months (Best Value)

All of package 1 & 2 plus:

Weekly Commitment of Traders report (analysed the Squeezetrader way)

My core watchlist and trade ideas for stocks

2 further squeeze trades (non-public video)

Option ideas for monthly options
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The DONT'S & DONT's Of Tading - No Particular Order. The Rest Is PROFIT!

  • Don’t over trade
  • Don’t listen to so called experts where the price will go without it matching your plan – they have an agenda
  • Don’t ignore economic events
  • Don’t risk more than you can afford
  • Don’t fear FOMO – there will always be other opportunities
  • Don’t catch a falling knife – Re-enter
  • Don’t move your stop loss
  • Don’t have a tight stop loss- the banks will eat it up!
  • Don’t trade on what you think
  • Don’t be fearful of loosing
  • Don’t get greedy
  • Don’t give up!
  • Don’t ignore momentum and volume indicators – they are leading!
  • Don’t rely on other people’s research

My Philosophy

I believe that education and research is at the heart of successful trading
I will offer training that begins with risk management, the most significant lesson of trading today
I believe creating winning probabilities that offer an edge in today’s market by putting the odds in your favour
I believe in limiting losses and letting profits run
I believe that without a plan, consistency and a structured approach to trading, failure is inevitable
I believe in transparency with a collegial approach to trading, helping others to help yourselves
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